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FenceProject1bThe scope of ministry God has called us to can only be reached with significant volunteer investments. We are truly grateful for the people God has raised up to partner in ministry with us. Volunteer opportunities vary with the season of ministry and may last a day, a week, or longer.

Looking for a way to get involved?  It's our goal to make volunteering a fun, rewarding and well-organized experience. We are able to offer you or your group a customized experience specifically tailored to your needs.

Questions? For more information contact Jessica Wilson, volunteer coordinator at 360-652-7575 or in-state toll free 800-228-6724. For general inquiries please submit a volunteer inquiry form.

Below is a list of projects we could use some volunteer help to complete! If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please submit this form:

Volunteer Inquiry Form

Project # of People Age Time required

Interior and Exterior Painting

1-10 18+ Flexible

Brush Clearing 

1-50 14+


Dining Room Host 1-3 18+ Camp Meal Times
Power Washing 1-3 18+ Flexible
Gardening 1-20 18+ Flexible
Carpentry/Remodeling 1-20 18+ Flexible

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Interested in volunteering at Warm Beach Camp?

Please submit a volunteer inquiry form.

Volunteer Inquiry Form

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