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Since 2008, Warm Beach Camp has supported AIM Asia and the Immanuel Conference of the Free Methodist Church of India by providing access to interns and promoting the work going on in India. Immanuel Business School began in 2012 as India’s first Christian liberal arts school. The ten year vision is for four more schools to be built and form Immanuel University in Hyderabad, India.

In response to the desire for “study-abroad” options for students, Warm Beach Camp created a business and leadership immersion program for IBS students in 2013. Named after our first Indian intern, the Dicku Lohara Global Business Immersion engages students with leaders across diverse vocational fields and types of businesses.

Students will shadow managers at Warm Beach Camp and local small businesses. In addition, they will tour global corporations in the Seattle area and enjoy a thorough immersion into American culture in a Christian context.

The goal of the experience is to equip Indian students with a global perspective as well as practical experiences in real-world settings. Students will more readily relate to the material studied in university. They will also have an experience that will set them apart from their peers in the job market after graduation.