Being a Warm Beach Vaulter is about more than just winning ribbons and traveling to interesting places. Young people are learning life lessons about responsibility, teamwork, and self-discipline as well as creating lasting friendships and sharing the love of God with others. Warm Beach Vaulters come from all over the region, from British Columbia to Renton. They range in age from 4 to adult. In addition to the competition teams, the Warm Beach Vaulters also include nearly 20 recreational vaulters who enjoy weekly lessons.

The Warm Beach Vaulters are so very thankful for generous sponsors who help our youth achieve their dreams. Sponsorships support the team costs of competition and the on-going equipment and horse-related needs of the program.

Sponsorships help to keep the costs lower and enable more young people to take part in the program. The Warm Beach Vaulters wish to thank the following sponsors for their support of the 2008-09 season:

Premium Sponsor:
Fischer Plumbing

Team Sponsor:
"Friends of Ryan"

Supporting Sponsors:
Mark & Sandra Erickson
Smokey Point Concrete
Marysville Veterinary Clinic
Alpha Denture Clinic
Toolhouse Design Co.
North Cascade Cardiology, PPLC
Sonnenberg & Anderson
Action Potential Chiropractic
Ray Maxwell, DDS
Duane & Dawn Wantland
Over the Rainbow
Scarsella II
Tony Hewlett, DDS
Lucinda Folsom, DDS

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