“I don’t want to be the statistic. I want to be the inspiration.”

After six months of chemotherapy for breast cancer, Cheryl Boatman was too weak to wash dishes, let alone drive a car.

“I didn’t know if I had enough strength to go up to Warm Beach Camp for last spring’s women’s retreat. When I drove up, I was so dizzy I couldn’t sit up straight.

A man from her church unloaded the wheelchair from the back of her car and pushed Cheryl to the main meeting area. At Warm Beach, she rode in style over smooth, level paths.
At the retreat, Cheryl met Warm Beach staffer Laurie Fertello, a survivor of ovarian cancer.

“Laurie was the first to greet me and pray with me, and other people followed. Some women who saw my bald head looked scared, and that’s when I would reach out and hug them,” says Cheryl. “That weekend, I felt renewed; I felt God’s Spirit.”

Today, she looks forward to every day of life.

“I don’t want to be the statistic. I want to be the inspiration. I would rather be the person who survives.”

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by Ed McDowell, Executive Director

Adoption Advocates International at Warm Beach Camp

Adoption Advocates International (AAI) and Warm Beach Camp—imagine the international flare of Ethiopian dance, the drums of Ghana, an international talent show, and soccer, soccer, soccer. AAI’s family camp was a special weekend filled with energy, international culture and a reunion of family and friends. Children who knew each other from orphanages were reunited in friendship. Adoptive parents had opportunity to share their stories, successes and challenges in a supportive environment. When families willingly join together in adoption to intercept brokenness and replace it with hope, unconditional love, and a future of opportunity, there is a special bond, a connection, that runs deep and true. Bev and I were thrilled to see WBC be a place for these families to gather. What a blessing… children from all around the world at WBC.


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By Ryan Willson, Missionary and Former Staffer

"Who put a nickel in you?" his parents would ask while driving his sister and him home from a week-long Family Camp at Warm Beach.

The week was so great he could not stop talking about the camp pastor who spoke of a Jesus that he longed to know, the counselor who had shown him the love of Christ and the sunset in which he saw God's creativity. Seeing old friends, making new ones, and developing a deeper love for his family were all a part of his experience as a child attending Family Camp each summer.

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By Donna Grigsby, WBC Receptionist

This morning, a young boy - about 7 or 8 years old - came to my window with a large plastic bag full of coins, and asked to buy a ticket for the Climbing Tower.

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