This really was an amazing experience for our students that came. Warm Beach was a great host meeting all of our needs in an excellent manner. We had one of the members of our Washington high school ministry team do the speaking.  The lives of students were impacted for Christ in an amazing manner! Most made commitments to Christ, many for the first time. This was really a special experience where we were able to thoroughly pour into some very key students for the upcoming school year. This camp will be very foundational for the furthering of the Gospel at Washington High School this year.  Students had a blast doing challenge activities on ropes courses, playing games, and hearing the Gospel. Here are some samples of thank you’s that students wrote:

“It is sometimes too easy to find myself making quick guesses as to the kind of home situation that my campers come from. Once I found myself talking to 2 cousins who, though they were very obedient and well-mannered, came from non-Christian families and had no spiritual knowledge except what they learned from camp.

“We has such a great time today bringing our Eagle Ministries junior high kids home from camp!  The love and caring they received at camp was outstanding! They made some great bonds with their counselors and some potentially life changing decisions were made.  Continue to pray for them as they return to some difficult home situations.”

“The sponsorship that your camp generously gave to my daughter was invaluable and made it possible for her to have this experience at your horse camp.”

“As a single mom, we were truly blessed that my son got a scholarship, and a kin, anonymous person paid the other portion. Without that, he would not have been able to attend. God is so good, and Warm Beach is a true blessing.”

“Thank you, so much, for giving me the scholarship. This camp helped me get so much closer to Jesus Christ. I had so much fun and I really think you should be proud of yourself.  P.S. I became a true Christian.”