Bekah Spangler, WBB #202

This past week was so amazing for me and my campers! I had two girls at the beginning of the week that were non-believers. Everyday we had bible study and one of the two girls was asking a LOT of questions. On the last day, when people were getting bibles to give their campers at chapel (before this, I had no knowledge that one of the girls had accepted Christ) God put on my heart that Sam needed a Bible. She had been using her Dad’s and had mentioned that he would take it back and put it away once she got home, so I took one for here and wrote a little message in the front, then highlighted some verses throughout it for her. As they were calling up the kids who made a first time choice, Sam looked at me and stood up to write her name on the paper. I was able to give Sam the bible and pray with her. It was amazing!

Jared M. Whitney, WBB #2
July 18-24 2010

On Tuesday night a rad little guy named Dustin (9 yrs) asked me what “Brothers and Sisters in Christ” meant. Cleo and I did our best to bring him up to speed on the idea. Distracted, he asked if we could pray for his mom. We both nodded and said yes. I asked, “What’s your mom’s name?”
“Shelly… Shelly Whitney.” He proudly replied. I quickly informed him that my last name was Whitney as well. I was blown away at this young boy’s amazement and resulting affection. From then on we called each other “brother” and had a simple, amazing week. I was thrilled to know that he accepted Christ that very same week.

By Doug Jonson, Sozo Director, Tacoma Youth for Christ

Camp counselor, Chrisy was at her wit’s end. When her cabin of teenage girls from Tacoma’s drug-riddled Hilltop neighborhood grew out of control, she broke down. Then, humiliated and remorseful, she talked with another counselor, received prayer, then came back and apologized to her campers.

by Laurie Fertello, Warm Beach Camp Youth Program Director

I wasn't there that day in 2001 to attend the meeting, but I've heard a hundred times over that it was a "God thing"-the way He drew the people with passion and vision together to establish the Angel Tree Camping Program at Warm Beach Camp.

By Sylvia Miles, Day Creek Chapel, Sedro Woolley, Washington

Who would have guessed that a video presentation made by Warm Beach Camp at Day Creek Chapel's Mission Conference in March would bring tears to the eyes of adults as they heard the "ooh's" and "aah's" of about 30 children seeing, for the first time, the opportunities offered through summer camping programs? At the end of the presentation, the announcement was made that every child would be able to go to camp this summer. When questioned, "Who wants to go?" thirty little hands shot up, plus those of a dozen teens. How was a rural congregation of about 125 going to keep such a promise to these eager children? This story is all about a link of love.