On behalf of Children of the Valley After School Program we would like to express our gratitude to Warm Beach Christian Camps for sponsoring eight children from our after school program to attend W Bar B Summer Camp this past summer.

We are very grateful to you because these children would have never had this opportunity if it wasn’t for your financial assistance. One week at this camp changed these children’s lives forever. This provided the opportunity for them to become leaders and have fun in an environment they would never have been exposed to before.

Mark Cutshall
Sept. 14, 2009

Bo Robinson, can still see the tears running down the face of Kevin, a 15-year-old camper.

“The night before, he had given his life to the Lord,” says Bo, a Warm Beach Camp pastor and supervisor. “Even though his counselor had told him to behave, Kevin had violated camp rules.”

It was the first winter ball held at Warm Beach Camp for people with disabilities and special needs. In the true spirit of Christmas, people gathered for food, ballroom dancing and fellowship.

If you know much about people who have, say Autism or Down’s Syndrome, you know that music is a connection for them that is powerful and meaningful. Dancing, to Special Friends, is beautiful and they love it. It fills them with the joy of the Lord.

James Henderson, Special Friends Overnight
July 5-8

Working with Samuel this last week was truly inspiring. Samuel was capable of performing just about any simple task on his own – his disabilities meant that interacting with others in social situations was trying for him, but he was a brilliant young man with a vast knowledge of science fiction. Sometimes while working with him, I felt that we were just hanging out and having a blast together, and I was able to forget completely that I was his caretaker for a week. At the end of the week, I watched him stand up at the front of our overnight camp group next to a blazing campfire with the sun melting pink and gold into the glimmering water, and smiling sang a song he felt expressed his feelings about camp. Watching everyone accept his creativity and appreciate Samuel for his special talents warmed my heart.

Annie Keane, WBB #204
July 25-31

I was very blessed with wonderful experiences this week mostly because of the Lamb’s Gate group. I really got to know one of my girls from that group named So Young Choi, or Ellen in American. It was wonderful sitting in the barn helping her learn more English so that she could write about the songs we sang and games we played. It felt so good to start that communication connection with her.