Tony sat with his cabin, listening intently. His counselor paced back and forth on the amphitheater stage, preaching salvation. “Becoming a Christian isn’t about saying magic words or getting your act together for Jesus,” he announced. “It’s about asking Him to save you from your sins.”

Something dawned on Tony. Was that really all there was to it? He had tried being good before, but according to his counselor, saintly living wouldn’t save anyone. His counselor spoke again. “Jesus accepts you as you are. If you want to start following him tonight, now is the time.”

Tony’s heart started pounding as it all came together. In the middle of his peers, he shouted out, “Lord save me!”

For a second, the words hung still in the night air. Then he heard the whole amphitheater begin to clap. His counselor smiled from the stage. “Tony, welcome to the family of God!”