“Thank you for allowing me to come to Warm Beach camp and connect more with God. Through this experience I learned a lot about myself and God. Warm Beach helped me conquer my fear of heights and I really want to thank you and God bless you and thank you again.”  Dre’shun Harvey

You truly have made the biggest impact on my life! I would just like to start off with saying thank you so much for this opportunity to learn more about the Lord, not only through what people had to say but the challenges I faced.  I had opened my heart to God before and I wanted Him in my life, but I never followed through. This weekend I mad the decision again to accept Christ, and I really want to follow Him with all my heart and leave my sinning life behind me!”   Danielle Riden

“You’re a blessing. Thanks a ton! Hey, I’d really like to thank you. I have had a blast. I had a weak relationship with the Lord, but with your great contribution I have opened my eyes and my heart to God and Jesus. I feel I have a better perspective of the faith and world around us. I improved in many places. I learned to lead, communicate, and have great teamwork with others. This was really worth it.  I thank the Lord and I thank you for this wonderful experience.”  Shane Morita

“Thank you for the opportunity and support. I greatly appreciated you sending me to camp. I learned about teamwork on our challenges. I bonded with my teammates and had an amazing time.  Having a war with flour and shaving cream, ultimate Frisbee in the dark, learning more about the Lord were just a few things of many we did at camp. I want to thank you so very much for giving me the chance to experience camp.”  Tina

“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of coming to camp and extending my relationship with the Lord. You have blessed me so much and I pray that the Lord continues to bless you. This opportunity has been remarkable and I thank you again.  May the Lord continue to make you a blessing.”  Senara Gasetoto

“Thank you very much for this opportunity because I’ve learned lots of things at this camp. Thank you very much for sending me to camp. I’ve learned how to forgive others, I’ve learned how to let thing go, and I have also learned how to overcome my fears. I’ve pretty much accomplished my goals. I felt like I can do everything I put my mind to from now on. May God bless you.”  Mariam

Thanks again and I look forward to keeping you updated about future happenings!

Peter Williams, Tacoma Youth for Christ