Caroline Kulper, WBB #204
July 25-31

Where do I begin… there is so much I want to say and so much I can explain about this past week. Cabin 9 was amazing! There was a definite cultural barrier between the Lamb’s Gate girls and the others but as the week went on they began to communicate better and work as a team, it was amazing watching that transformation. While that was incredible that isn’t what I wish to say. These girls were incredible, they pushed me and challenged each other and myself to grow, they discovered ways to encourage each other and provide support without prompting. The girls were able to grow and host other cabins for Bible study and devotions and parties. They found ways to encourage each other and myself through the 9th grade canoe trip and the high ropes course. The girls realized while they were completely different they had a connection to each other in Christ.

Erik Brady, WBB #204
July 25-31

This last week we had the majority of the camp was Korean exchange students. In my cabin I had five of them and two Americans. It was one boy’s first time at camp and seemed a little freaked out by all the Koreans, but as the week went on all of them became best friends. In the weeks I have been here I have never seen a cabin bond so well, even with a huge language barrier in between.

Mick Swanson, W-Bar-B #204
July 25-31

My cabin was getting along well most of the week and it was really cool to see the friendships between American and Korean steadily growing. The coolest thing was at the end of the week, one of my American campers gave each of my Korean campers one of the t-shirts from his suitcase.