Jared Mark Whitney, WBB #202

On Wednesday, the Salvation Message day, I was requested to counsel specifically by a camper who called himself “J-Dawg”. Our conversation helped spur him into a decision to follow Jesus. It was absolutely the thrill of my life to assist him in following the Lord! The questions he was wrestling with were completely authentic and wholehearted. He wasn’t interested in walking halfway. He was in or he was out. There was no in between.

Nathan Marley, WBB #202

Wednesday night was a very powerful night. The Lord was there and his spirit was working! He really spoke through Bo and during reflection time two of my campers rededicated their lives to Christ and felt the power of the Spirit move in their hearts. I was able to talk them through what they want to change in their lives and how to do that, and then pray over them. It changed their attitudes and actions for the rest of that week - and on I hope. After that night they were eager to read their Bibles and during Bible study they were engaged and enthusiastic and keeping others focused. The rest of their actions showed a change in their hearts as well. The Lord is really moving in their hearts and making a lasting change.

Brittney Lundberg, WBB #204

This week was a huge challenge and blessing. I had one camper who rolled her eyes when I mentioned bible study or God. Her mood swings were a challenge and tested my patience. She wrote me a letter apologizing at the end of the week. On Friday evening I was informed that she accepted Christ in her life. She became interested in Bible study and on the walk back to our cabin from the pool we talked about how amazing God is. Praise God. It shows how faithful God is with prayer and love from him.