Kyle Luck, W-Bar-B #2
July 18-24, 2010

This last week has been very growing for me. God has been showing His power and faithfulness through the whole week. Being camp pastor was a blessing and a privilege, but also a growing trial to help me grow. I was amazed at the growing interest of many of the students to know Christ more. An amazing blessing came to me when one of the counselors came to me and told me how one of her campers had realized something important the night before. “You mean it’s not about going to church and working good works – it’s about Jesus?” the girl had asked. I loved seeing Jesus work in their lives as well as mine. God helped me with fear, with clarity, confidence and assurance through everything. I loved talking with campers, answering questions and praying with campers over issues in their lives. God is alive, and actively seeking the lost!

Annie Keane, WBB #5

I was the camp to church coordinator this week but I had the pleasure of joining Lane’s cabin for bible study a few times. My first one with them was on Wednesday and we were talking about choices and how we can choose Jesus to be in our hearts and follow him. One girl was really spacey the whole time and just fidgeting around, but near the end Lane said something about accepting Christ in our hearts and this girl turned to Lane and asked, “Can I do that now?” It was the best feeling to see that God was speaking through Lane and got through to this girl. Then two others accepted him at that time too.

Brittney Lundberg, WBB #5
Aug. 8-14

This week was another blessing. I had one girl in my cabin named Elizabeth who comes from a foster home and her biological family has been on drugs. Elizabeth searched for attention, throwing temper tantrums. God used her to test my patience and being unconditional in love. Elizabeth learned how to take a deep breath and focus. Elizabeth began giving compliments and wanted to serve in the cabin. Elizabeth gave her life to Christ this week although I pray that she understood and God will surround her life with Christians to help her grow. God always brings certain campers into my life to challenge me to be more like him. Thank you Jesus!

James Henderson, W-Bar-B #5
Aug. 8-14 2010

This past week at camp, I had the privilege of belaying about a dozen campers to the top of the “Superhero” wall. Never before had I experienced such an incredible number of campers, many of whom set their sights on going halfway up the wall, push themselves to continue onward. Then one boy voiced, “I think I can do it!” and reached for the next brick on the wall. For one boy, Thomas, the goal was reaching the top of the first ladder was in some way more amazing to watch than someone comfortable with heights reaching the top. At the end of the week when campers shared their favorite moments in the week, many of them raised the hand to say reaching their goals on the climbing tower was the pinnacle of their camp activities. Praise be to God.

Caroline Kulper, WBB #5
Aug. 8-14

As every story begins, this week was a full one. I was unsure of what to expect from a group of 7 4th and 5th graders. The group was relatively intense. It was the first time to camp for the majority of the group and for all of them their first time to Warm Beach. My cabin group worked well together with the exception of one girl who had purposefully separated herself from the other girls on Sunday. It was amazing to see the other 6 girls grow to reach out to her and try and involve her from the get go with very little prompting. By Wednesday I had pulled the one camper to the side and talked with her about fully accepting the cabin group and working as a family. As I began sharing about Christ being the basis for our family and that each of us were connected and related I could see the wheels turning in her mind. As she began to think of others as family I witnessed the cabin bond because of Christ’s influence and his worlds given to me. By the end of the week the girls were the best of friends and were trading email addresses and phone numbers in order to keep in contact. It really was incredible.

Bo Robinson, WBB #5
Aug. 8-14 2010

On Wednesday night, when Pastor Ken told the kids to go out on the Hill and imagine Jesus saying “I love you”, one of the kids told Jesus “I love you too”! The true test of a relationship with God.